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Schedule of Events

April 20, 2024

Race Start Times

6:00 am 55k  Start  
8:00 am 30k  Start
9:00 am 12k  Start
10:00 am 5k  Start

** Check-in/Bag pick-up will start One Hour Before your chosen race start. DO NOT attempt to get your bag Before this time!

* 55k participants have cutoff times that will be posted in the course description.

Pre-Race Meeting

Pre-race meeting will once again take place at the race site and take place 20 mins before race start time.

30k and 55K participants will also have a Pre-race meeting via zoom approximately one week before race day which will be announced via email.

Bag Pick-up

Bag pick up will once again be On Sight at the Spitfire basecamp and take place One Hour before your race distance starts.
** DO NOT come early and demand/expect your bag.  There is an order to our madness to keep things running smoothly.
** YOU WILL BE REMOVED from the race for unkind or rude behavior to our registration/check-in Volunteers/staff...or Any Volunteer for that matter.  We do NOT put up with such behavior


Important Side Note

In our efforts to assist in a footprint left at the butte and for the race...the Spitfire is a CUPLESS event.  Please make sure to bring your own cup and/or hydration system to use on the course and at aid stations. 
*We also invite you to bring your own plates and utensils for the post race potato bar. These need to be plates/utensils you can take home with you...thus helping with the amount of garbage and lessening our footprint.
Thank You!! 



Refunds are not offered but there is a roll-over option.


If you are unable to attend the current years can roll-over your registration to the following year.

*Roll-overs will be accepted until
February 10, 2024.  NO EXCEPTIONS after that date. 
* Roll-over is only valid for you and cannot be transferred to another person.

*Roll-overs are a one-time use and can be used for the following year only.

*Clothing/swag items purchased will be donated unless you request to have them sent to you and agree to pay shipping fees.

Bib Transfers

Bib transfers are Not allowed

Promotions and Discounts

Promo's and discounts are valid for specific uses only.  Having already signed up does not entitle entrants to receive current sign-up promotions.

T-shirts and hoodies

The t-shirt/hoodie size you signed up for is the size you will receive on race day. You are welcome to came back after all T's/hoodies have been handed out and see if a size change is available at that time. 

***If you want to guarantee a t-shirt/hoodie for yourself or someone you love...pre-order when you register.  The race director may even kiss your face come race day for making her life easier. 

General Rules

*First and foremost...have fun and play nice!
*Be Safe!
*Follow the rules for your race distance...found in each course description.
*DO NOT short cut the designated trail/course on switchbacks. Doing so is cheating and could cause us to lose our permit.
*30k & 55k - You MUST check-in at EVERY aid station! Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.
*Do not accept aid outside of designated aid stations. Unless medical is called in and aid is necessary.
*Misinformation from other runners during the race does not justify breaking any of the rules previously discussed during the pre-race meeting.
*Cutoff times at aid stations or the finish line are all hard cutoffs. *If you are pulled at an aid station because of failure to meet cutoff times or due to medical reasons you may not continue as a registered participant. You are no longer part of the "race" but if you choose to continue at this point you must remove your bib. No aid will be allowed at future aid stations and continuing on the race course will be under your own care and responsibility.
*Contact race staff with any questions or issues before, during, or after the race.
*Please feel free to share the good news and awesome of the race with staff, friends, other runners not here, and the great beyond.
*This race is awesome in part because of YOU...Let's keep it that way!


In efforts to keep Spitfire costs down and to stay true to how the race director discovered trail running...we keep awards minimal.

Every participant will be given a finishing award and the top 3 male and female of each distance will receive a place award as well.

Course Previews

Keep an eye out for possible course previews for the 5k & 12k courses by various running groups. 
*** date...there WILL NOT be a course preview for ANY of the south butte portions of the 30k & 55k courses. This is PRIVATE land. DO NOT attempt to run any of this portion outside of the designated race day or we will lose the opportunity to use it. Thanks!

Safety Updates  - aka Health Policy

*Changes have been reflected in the above info by way of all pre-race activities now being managed on race day or via zoom meetings. 
*Aid stations will have a few minor changes by way of food handling so no co-mingling food touching will occur.
*Water fill ups will be taken care of by the aid station crew.
*Masks are up to the discretion of the participant and not required for staff, crew, participants, or spectators. This is a personal decision and will be respected by whoever is on site or participating.
*If you are not feeling well...Stay Home. As awesome as we are, it won't be fun for you or us. Take care of yourself!
*Harassment of others WILL NOT be tolerated and you will be politely asked to leave.
*Post race meal will now be served to you as you walk through the line so only the crew touches the serving tools.
*We would still like to cut down on the garbage footprint and ask you bring your own plate and utensils you can take home with you. 

Please contact us with further

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