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12k Course -

Begin at basecamp with a half mile out and back before starting up the butte.

Once on top you will run the 5k course to Celebration Station (without going back down to the finish just yet)

Head back down through the caldera to experience the rest of this dormant volcano.

After crossing the caldera a second time and greeting your new friends (our volunteers),  take a left (North) and make your way up to the towers.  (This stretch has no markers as you can't get lost if you stay on the trail, which is about all you can do.)

A short distance after the towers you will come to a gravel access road and more volunteers.

Turn right and run down the East side gravel service road. (known as “R” mountain to the locals).  Again No Markers on this section except for your turn around sign at the Privacy chain link fence.  (The Privates).   You MUST pass the Chunky Brown fence and keep going in order to reach the Privates.  NOTE:  DO NOT follow the arrow (near the bottom) leading straight or you will be on the 25k/50k course.

Please make sure the volunteer gets your number.  Touch the fence and head back the way you came and up to the rim.

Enjoy the scenery of this unique location as you make your way up and down this side of the butte and see if you can spot the “R” painted on its face.

Back at the top you will take a right upon seeing the volunteers and finish running the west rim before descending back down to base camp.


(Markers will include Pink survey tape in trees as well as pink or blue flagging stuck into the ground. You will also see a red directional arrows at sharp turns.)

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