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5K  -


Start from basecamp with a short out back on a sand/dirt road and then it’s up the face of the butte.

At the rim you will come to a Celebration station! After some high 5’s and catching your breath and a few pictures, take a left and head towards the caldera.

Next...say hi to the volunteer as you take a right and prepare to cross the caldera.

On the other side watch for your next high 5  or photo op, take a right up the trail and another right at the top and head towards the lava formations. Prepare for a little rock “climbing” as you make your way back around to the Celebration station.

Once at the Celebration station take a left and prepare to make the steep descent back down to the finish line.

Course is marked with pink survey tape and will be attached to metal washers on the ground. You will also see pink colored flagging on the trail with actual dirt. Watch for red arrows to show where big turns are made.

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