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New 30k/55k Course

Check out the arial view of the 30k course

South Parking

Aid Station

Base camp  Start/Finish

30k Course

In October 2020 we rolled out a new 30k course that will now take in the awesome of both the North and South buttes for one big loop.  

Elevation gain/loss for this course ain't no joke! With approx  3257 feet,  Spitfire is the perfect course to work out those shloggy winter legs and prep for the vert of summer races.


For those that Loved the initial out and back to warm up your'll want to get that warm up on your own. This course starts at Base Camp and heads you straight up the volcano face to the rim. Embrace the cool desert air, feel the heat in your legs and lungs and prep for some high 5's, as you prepare to immerse yourself into the belly of the volcano.

At the Rim and after those high 5's...take a left, where the caldera awaits you.

Say hello to our volunteer reminding you to take right into the caldera. Cross the caldera and on the other side prepare to high 5 the volunteers pointing you towards a Right turn up a little trail to the rim. 

At the rim turn Right and follow the trail until you reach the "rock climbing" section to your right.

Traverse the rocks and then do it again until you see the markers on the ground leading you back into the caldera.  Head on into the caldera a 2nd time and as you high 5 the volunteers...take a Left and follow the lave trail to the towers.

Run past the towers until you meet our volunteers at another intersection. Turn right here, onto the gravel service road.  Make sure to run around the Brown chunky fence and as you near the bottom watch for an arrow or two directing you to go straight where you will come across the South Parking Lot water station.

NOTE: If you do not go straight you will come to The Privates which is a chain link privacy fence. If you are are in the wrong place. Turn around and look for the red arrows to get back on course.

From here on out you will be on PRIVATE Land and we ask you to be on your best behavior.

(Note to Self...Do Not Run This Half of the Course Outside of Race Day!)

Follow the markers along the trail taking you near the river bottoms to what we call the Tree of Life.  Prepare for a climb to the top of the south rim until you see the arrows directing you to take a right turn. Keep going and you will come across the Furthest Point Aid Station. 

Keep moving around the rim and take a right to retrace your steps back to the South Parking Lot Aid station.

Leave South Lot and retrace your steps up the service road to the rim. At the top, share some high 5's (cause you survived the grind) and turn right to follow the trail around the west rim and back down to the finish line.

Markers will be pink survey tape on varies items depending on trail surface and visibility.  Washers for rocky areas. Flagging where it can be poked into the ground. Clipped into trees. On wooden stakes on the South butte.  You will also see Red directional arrows for "sharper" turns.

Remember to share the love with our volunteers and your new fans!

Furthest Point

Aid Station

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